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Helping Our Local Community

Why We Do What We Do

A&E is extremely passionate about donating to those in need, as well as supporting and giving back to our local community. Please feel free to reach out to us for donation requests. If able we will be more than happy to donate to your cause. 

Donation Requests

Please submit all donation requests to agus12carra@hotmail.com

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A&E Christmas Dinner


2016 A&E Christmas Dinner. In this photo are Friends, Family, and local community member who volunteered their time to serve a free Christmas meal. This meal was funded by A&E and other local businesses. 

2016 Bell Ringing


Both Alex and Eric, along with friends and family donate 1 day every year to ringing the Salvation Army Bell. 

Air Conditioner Donation


Proudly donating an air conditioner to the local Salvation Army. The air conditioner was used to keep the kids cool during the summer day camp. 

A&E Christmas Dinner


Santa along with other friends, family and locals who donated time to help serve a free meal to those in need. 

2017 Bell Ringing


A&E Co-Owners Alex and Eric in 2017 ringing the bell for the local Athol Salvation Army. 

AOTV Annual Christmas Auction


A&E was more than excited to donate several items to the annual AOTV auction. Cant wait for this years auction.